Great Stuff 4 Me Engraving FAQs

How white does laser engraving appear on clear glass?

  • It appears silver because the laser actually cracks the surface of the glass. How well the design shows depends on what is inside the glass. Darker beverages show the personalization better. Many of the pictures we show are enhanced to show the design's details. There is no white laser engraving. That would require painting which renders the design less permanent.

Why hasn't the shipping status updated?

  • Once we pack and hand the item over to the carrier, we have no control over shipping status updates. The postal service (UPS, USPS, FedEx) handles those. We can't override or change any delivery status and we can't press the postal service for more information than they provide with their status updates. Please be patient and your order will arrive accordingly.

Custom and personalized orders

  • We're happy to customize and personalize orders for you. If you have a high-quality image or logo (best in CDR or SVG) format, you can email it to us at and I'll work with it. Most designs are free. If there is a different font you like, let us know as that's usually a simple change as well.

How long will it take to get my package?

  • It depends on where you are, mostly. We ship from Southern California. Usually, items make it to their destination within a few days on the west coast and 5-7 days on the east coast. International orders can take 15 days or more.

Gift wrapping and packaging

  • We use silver gift boxes with a removable lid. The boxes are held closed by a silver stretch ribbon with hoops. Inside we pad the item with mint green crinkle-cut fill. It adds a classy flair to your gift. Large items are wrapped in gold paper with a gold band.

What is the quality of the glassware?

  • Most of the glassware we sell is NOT crystal (that would be very expensive), which means there are often very minor blemishes or imperfections. We check each piece to make sure there are no cracks or chips and that any inclusions are minor and don't interfere with the design.